Neck lump clinic
Neck lump clinic

Mauranui Neck Lump Clinic

Dr John Chaplin Specialist Thyroid and Head and Neck Surgeon


Auckland One Stop Neck Lump Clinic

Our one-stop neck lump clinic offers full assessment services including:

  • Specialist examination and opinion for neck lumps / neck mass
  • Ultrasound Scan
  • Ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNA)
  • Upper airway endoscopy
  • CT scanning
  • Access to a multidisciplinary clinic

We also specialise in thyroid nodules, thyroid lumps / thyroid cancer, head and neck cancer, lymph node issues.

Urgent appointments available.

Neck Lumps- Causes

a-right-submandibular-neck-lump In most cases, neck lumps are perfectly innocent and are caused by swollen lymph nodes. These are distributed throughout the body and many are situated in the neck: their primary role is to fight infection. Therefore, when an infection occurs (for example a cold, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tooth infections), the lymph nodes can often swell and become tender whilst they do their job. The lymph nodes will usually return to normal once the infection has gone but this can take weeks to months.

Many other benign conditions also present as a lump in the neck such as  thyroid nodules, congenital lumps such as thyroglossal duct cyst or branchial cleft cyst and salivary gland tumours.

Occasionally, enlarged lymph nodes are cancerous. The cancer can spread to them from primary sites such as oral tongue cancer, throat cancer, larynx cancer, skin cancer and lip cancer, thyroid cancer and salivary gland cancers and in special circumstances, cancers of the nasal cavity or nasopharynx.

Primary malignancies of the salivary glands and thyroid cancer also present as a lump in the neck. Generally cancerous neck lumps are non tender and tend to be larger, harder and more irregular than benign neck lumps.

If swelling or a lump is present with no corresponding infection, it’s wise to see your GP or a specialist.

Neck Lump- Symptoms and Treatment

Neck LumpA neck lump does not always require removal. Often neck lumps are completely innocent and merely require diagnosis which is usually based on  medical history, examination, ultrasound and sometimes an ultrasound guided FNA .

The Mauranui One Stop Neck Lump Clinic offers a comprehensive assessment of all neck lumps through diagnosis to treatment. Dr John Chaplin is an experienced, high volume, specialist thyroid and head and neck surgeon and is  New Zealand’s foremost expert in this field.



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