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December 2018

Dr John Chaplin is currently returning from Kaohsiung Taiwan where he attended the 3rd meeting of the APTS. The meeting was was supported by the Taiwanese Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Society. There were over 700 participants from all over the world and John presented an invited lecture on the use of Harmonic scalpel in thyroid surgery. The talks covered all aspects of thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules, goitre  surgery and included multidisciplinary management of locally advanced, poorly differentiated and anaplastic thyroid cancer and also  management of papillary micro carcinoma. It was culturally interesting with surgeons and specialists from a diverse range of regional and international nations in attendance. The APTS is now affiliated with the American  Head and Neck Surgery Society (AHNS) Endocrine Surgery Group and this has given great endorsement to the APTS.

Dr John Chaplin helped convene a thyroid cancer workshop at Auckland City Hospital on 22 Nov this year. Dr Bryan McIver, Endocrine Oncologist, from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida USA was guest speaker. The meeting was attended by thyroid surgeons and endocrinologists from around the North Island. The first part of the meeting involved case presentations to Dr McIver who discussed the various scenarios and the treatment recommendations based on the latest ATA guidelines with input and questions from the audience. Dr McIver then spoke on risk assessment of thyroid cancer, the use of radio iodine in differentiated thyroid cancer and poorly differentiated and anaplastic thyroid cancer. There were also talks on thyroid surgery, bleeding, IONM, vocal fold rehabilitation and  medullary thyroid cancer. An academic dinner followed the meeting where Dr McIver then spoke on assessment of thyroid nodules particularly with respect to Molecular testing of FNA biopsy samples. He attended the thyroid cancer endocrine MDM on Friday where further thyroid malignancy case discussions were followed by a talk on the use of external beam radiation therapy in thyroid cancer.

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