John has just returned from the New Zealand ORLHNS annual scientific meeting in Rotorua where there were over 200 registered attendees.He ran a thyroid ultrasound workshop and he also spoke in the program on the use of ultrasound in thyroid nodules and neck lumps.

John was invited to speak at the new Zealand Endocrine Society in Queenstown in mid July. He spoke on the use of Energy Devices in thyroid surgery and discussed the reduced rate of post op bleeding, the use of significantly less drains post operatively and also the increased speed of surgery. He also sat on […]

John Has moved to new premises and is now at Mauranui Clinic 86 Great South Road, on the corner of Great South Road and Mauranui Avenue in Epsom. This is a brand new, purpose built medical specialist centre and both John and Richard Douglas have made the move there from Gillies Hospital and Clinic after […]

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