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John has had a busy few months, He attended the 2015 Masters Symposium on Rhinoplasty in Sydney in Early October before travelling to the UK to watch The All Blacks win the semifnal and final in the Rugby World Cup.

John then travelled to Noosa QLD for the 6th Multidisciplinary Thyroid and Parathyroid Update in November and presented “thyroid Lobectomy- how I do it” and then participated in three panels. The meeting was excellent with great thyroid speakers including Henning Dralle from Germany, Mike Tuttle from USA and John Watkinson from the UK as well as a great regional faculty.

The meeting closely followed the release of the updated 2015 ATA guidelines for the management of thyroid nodules and cancer in Adults.

John  is now available to see patients right up until Christmas.

John was invited to speak at the new Zealand Endocrine Society in Queenstown in mid July. He spoke on the use of Energy Devices in thyroid surgery and discussed the reduced rate of post op bleeding, the use of significantly less drains post operatively and also the increased speed of surgery. He also sat on a panel discussing interesting thyroid and parathyroid cases.

A week later John went to New York where he was invited to speak on lateral Neck dissection in thyroid cancer. The talk was combined with case presentations and there was significant interesting discussion.

John Has moved to new premises and is now at Mauranui Clinic 86 Great South Road, on the corner of Great South Road and Mauranui Avenue in Epsom.

This is a brand new, purpose built medical specialist centre and both John and Richard Douglas have made the move there from Gillies Hospital and Clinic after 15 years.

It is exciting to be in the new premises and John and Richard have purchased new equipment and have furnished and fitted out the building with both function and aesthetics in mind.

We know that your patient experience will be enhanced with this exciting development and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.

John went to Kuala Lumpur in late April and was the visiting specialist for an endoscopic thyroidectomy course at University of Malaysia with Professor Chin Kin Fah.

The first part of the course was live surgery and the second part was cadaver dissection as part of the silent mentor program www.silentmentor.org. Following this meeting John returned to NZ  for a busy week of work and then flew to Singapore for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress.

John attended the Head and neck, endocrine surgery and plastic surgery programs. The highlight was the parathyroid session of the endocrine surgery section meeting.

John had a visiting head and neck surgeon from Newcastle Australia visit on Monday
20 April 2015. John demonstrated his of thyroidectomy using the harmonic scalpel
focus + hand piece.

The list comprised two thyroid lobectomy and a total thyroidectomy for a large
compressive Multinodular goitre with retrosternal extension. 

He has been busy with a large number of Microvascular free flap reconstructions
in the early part of 2015. John is presenting on Lateral Neck Dissection in
thyroid cancer at the Inaugral Asia Pacific Throid Society (APTS) Meeting in Seoul,
Korea in June and he is also chairing a session and will be on a panel discussing
thyroid cancer.

He is currently writing the talks. Following this meeting John will attend a
course in endoscopic thyroidectomy in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Following a well deserved holiday break in Northland John has started the year with a busy operating schedule and has already performed over 10 thyroidectomies and 5 parathyroidectomies. This week he has also done a complex parotid tumour operation and several rhinoplasties.

In late January John was invited to Sydney to talk on the use of the New Harmonic Scalpel Focus + handpiece that he has been using in thyroid procedures. The advantages of this device are it superior dissecting ability along with the ability to coagulate and cut vessels without the need for instrument exchange.

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