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John had a visiting head and neck surgeon from Newcastle Australia visit on Monday 20 April 2015. John demonstrated his of thyroidectomy using the harmonic scalpel focus + hand piece. The list comprised two thyroid lobectomy and a total thyroidectomy for a large compressive Multinodular goitre with retrosternal extension. He has been busy with a […]

Following a well deserved holiday break in Northland John has started the year with a busy operating schedule and has already performed over 10 thyroidectomies and 5 parathyroidectomies. This week he has also done a complex parotid tumour operation and several rhinoplasties. In late January John was invited to Sydney to talk on the use […]

John spent 6 days of his holiday break in Antarctica on board the Ocean Nova, a modified Icebreaker. The ship explored the Antarctic Peninsula to 65’10” South and John got to see fascinating scenery and wildlife and learned much of the history and ecology of this spectacular region. The trip went out of Chile and […]

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