Neck Lump Clinic

Neck Lump Clinic

Services offered at our “One Stop” Neck Lump Clinic.

Mauranui Clinic- 86 Gt South Road Epsom

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Specialist assessment.

At our “One Stop” Neck Lump Clinic you will be seen by Dr John Chaplin, a highly experienced head and neck surgeon who is trained to recognise the nuances of neck lump presentation.  Examinations are thorough and once Ultrasound scan and FNA biopsy are performed, at the same appointment setting, it is usual for Dr Chaplin to have a working diagnosis in a very short time.

The treating surgeon  can then usually give you a very accurate outline of what further investigation and treatment would involve. Dr John Chaplin’s  high volume of surgery and many years of experience makes assessment at Mauranui Neck Lump Clinic a far more comprehensive interaction than may be available elsewhere. The patient will benefit from:


Office Based Neck Lump Ultrasound Examination

Patients attending our  One Stop Neck Lump Clinic will undergo an office based ultrasound scan using a General Electric Logiq E scanner. Despite being a small machine, The LogiqE has fantastic resolution and produces some of the best images seen. Examining  ultrasound images of neck lumps every day along with many  years of performing complex open neck surgery  give Dr Chaplin unparalleled insight as to what is significant. Other services use  radiologists for assessing neck lumps and there is evidence that radiologist performed is inferior to surgeon performed ultrasound.


Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNA) Neck Lump

This is a safe and accurate technique used to investigate all lumps in the neck including nodules in the thyroid gland  tumours in the salivary glands and all pathology in neck lymph nodes. A fine needle is passed into the neck lump under ultrasound guidance to ensure accurate placement into the tissue most likely to yield diagnostic material. The needle in then massaged in and out of the neck lump to milk cells up into the needle shaft. The cells are then either smeared onto a glass slide and sprayed with fixative or washed into cell preserving solution and sent to the lab. Usually the results are available in 24-48 hours and Dr Chaplin will contact you with this results.

CT scanning

Full contrast enhanced CT scanning is available onsite at Mauranui Clinic, 86 Great South Road Epsom Auckland. Where appropriate a scan will be arranged at the time of the original appointment reducing the inconvenience of another  appointment and speeding up the diagnostic process significantly.


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