head and neck cancer

head and neck cancer

Head and Neck Surgeon- Auckland. NZ Your Head and Neck  Surgeon Dr John Chaplin is an experienced,  high volume head and neck surgeon with  an international pedigree and reputation. John is an expert in the management of thyroid nodules and particularly thyroid cancer including thyroid cancer that has metastasised to neck lymph nodes. John also has […]

Services offered at our “One Stop” Neck Lump Clinic. Mauranui Clinic- 86 Gt South Road Epsom Urgent appointments available here Specialist assessment. At our “One Stop” Neck Lump Clinic you will be seen by Dr John Chaplin, a highly experienced head and neck surgeon who is trained to recognise the nuances of neck lump presentation.  Examinations are […]

Thyroid Nodules What are Thyroid Nodules? A thyroid nodule is a radiologically distinct entity that appears different to the surrounding thyroid parenchyma usually on ultrasound scan. Nodules can be solid, cystic or a combination of these. Cystic portions are anechoic on ultrasound and they appear black with through transmission of ultrasound appearing bright at the […]

Types of thyroid cancer There are several different types of thyroid cancers and they are broadly broken into categories based on the cells that they originate from and their behaviour. Most thyroid cancers are low grade, differentiated thyroid cancers that originate from thyroid follicle cells, generally behave in an indolent fashion and have very high rates of survival. At […]

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